Yew Trees

    Northeast yew trees (taxus cuspidata) in China are considered an endangered species and are officially protected.  These trees are grown primarily in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and typically reach maturity in 50 years.
Taxol, derived from branches and leaves of yew trees, is used in TCM (brand name Zi-shan) as a secondary treatment of certain cancers.

    State-owned enterprises and private businesses purchase yew seedlings and mature yew trees for reforestation.  Potted miniature yew trees and handicrafts are popular display items for homes and offices.
We also sell potted yew trees to retail customers for display in homes and offices.  In addition to their aesthetic qualities, yew trees have been shown to reduce air pollution.  These trees are typically 3-7 years old and sold in decorative ceramic pots.

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