Yew Extract Method
    Our patented Yew Extract Method is an extraction process to extract anti-cancer active ingredients from yew branches and leaves for use in anti-cancer drugs. It utilizes Northeast yew branches and leaves as new medicinal parts to obtain anti-cancer ingredients. The Yew Extract Method has high yield rate and low costs. According to the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, the anti-cancer effect of the ingredients obtained through Yew Extract Method is no less than that of taxol. Clinical research studies show the ingredients obtained through the Yew Extract Method has also low side effects. The Yew Extract Method increases the sustainability and enhances the utilization rates for yew trees in medical use from 1/5000 (in obtaining taxol) to 1/200. The Yew Extract Method has not yet been used for commercial purposes. We are currently studying the possibility of commercializing the Yew Extract Met.

    On August 16, 2011, HDS the SIPO granted HDS a patent for ¡°Yew Tree Plant Extracts, Methods for Extracting the Plant Extracts and Application¡±, or the Yew Extract Method. This patent had previously been held by Heilongjiang Yew Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This patent is valid for 20 years, from June 23, 2004 through June 22, 2024.




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